Navigate Africa Ventures

Working With Global Fund Managers Intelligently To Deploy Uncalled Capital in Sub-Saharan Africa

About Us

The world's fund managers are struggling to invest $1.2 trillion in committed capital yet less than 1% of all companies ever receives funding.

Navigate Africa Ventures collaborates with global VC and PE firms to accelerate the deployment of excess capital in Sub-Saharan Africa through signals from country and industry metrics from IPOXCap.



Navigate Africa Ventures provides services that help investors determine accurate investments for specific locations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Market Analysis

We assist VC and PE fund managers with forensic analysis on markets and industries they are interested in.


We support fund managers on decision-making in unfamiliar environments in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

Venture Scouting

We help external funds identify and attract investment targets for their deal pipeline in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Feel free to get in touch if you are a global fund manager looking to enter the Sub-Saharan Africa market, an African fund manager looking to connect with global investors or an African startup or company raising capital with a desire to tap into the $1.2 Trillion uncalled capital.

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